1010data VBA SDK
1010data VBA SDK Documentation

1010data VBA SDK.The VBASDK1010 is a Software Development Kit for Visual Basic for Applications 6. It provides functions to programmatically interact with 1010data.



Documentation for the functions, constants, data types provided by this SDK is included in the VBA SDK package in the html/ folder. Open index.html in a web browser to view it, or access it online at:



Step 1: Determine which platform architecture you are using.

There are two flavors of the SDK. A 32-bit library and a 64-bit library. The platform type needs to match the the type of Microsoft Office you have installed. If you have a 64-bit processor, you might have a 32-bit version of Microsoft Office installed. Instructions to determine which platform you have installed can be found here:


Step 2: Put vbasdk1010.dll somewhere visible to your project.

The following places are where the DLL can be found in order of precedence. The perferred methods to use are (b) and (c). The others require Administrator priviledges on a machine.

a) Directory containing the .exe file

b) Current directory

c) Windows system directory (often but not necessarily \Windows\System32)

d) Windows directory (not necessarily \Windows)

e) Path environment variable - list of directories
Instructions for Windows 7:

Step 3: Import the VBA SDK function declarations as a module in your Excel project

Now, you should be able to use the functions, constants, and types defined in the 1010 VBA SDK in other modules in this project.

Troubleshooting & Feedback

If you have any issues, questions, feedback, feature requests with the SDK, you can contact us with those details at suppo.nosp@m.rt@1.nosp@m.010da.nosp@m.ta.c.nosp@m.om.